Happy New Year

Well here I am again and Happy New Year to you.

I guess I last posted in August, when I was busy getting diagnosed with PCOS. I also had a hysteroscopy to address a possible cause of secondary infertility, in August, I remember.

Since then I have gotten pregnant again and lost it again, and this time it was another painful ordeal. I tried to take Metformin again and it made me unbearably sick again. I got a second opinion about the PCOS, and the second opinion was that I don’t appear to have it and have no earthly business taking Metformin. My husband and I decided to go on a TTC break, so I went back on the birth control pill. I joined a gym and have been going regularly. And starting a week ago, I am eating a mostly-Paleo diet.

Having just finished the first week, I am down 2.6 pounds from my starting weight and not feeling hungry, angry, deprived, or paranoid. I simply don’t miss grains, beans, or refined sugars. Not yet anyway, I realize that this may change over time. I am eating dark chocolate, because I have limits to what I’m willing to give up, and I am eating dairy though I find myself less and less enthusiastic about it, and yesterday only had a little milk with coffee and tea.

In the first two days I could tell that my body was running on lower octane fuel than it was used to. My stomach was also unhappy with me a lot, telling me that I should eat more, specifically some bread. And I did eat half a slice of bread, late at night on the first two nights, to make my stomach stop griping and let me sleep. I’ve been fine without it since then. Yesterday, day six, I simply didn’t feel hungry at all. This morning I have been feeling healthily hungry at appropriate times.

For what it’s worth, I didn’t think very hard about going Paleo, I just did it. I snagged Dana Carpender’s 500 Paleo Recipes as a Kindle Daily Deal, and read the beginning parts. I hard-boiled a bunch of eggs to keep around, made a batch of paleo-nola (nuts and coconut with coconut oil and honey), and found pork rinds at the grocery store. I bought more vegetables than usual. And that’s been that. Breakfast is bacon and eggs and fruit, or paleo-nola and yogurt (though I don’t feel like eating yogurt). Lunch and dinner are meat and vegetables. Snacks are fruit, crudite, hard boiled eggs with anchovies, pork rinds, or nut butter with the aforementioned fruit and crudite. I feel just fine about it.


Grocery day 4/10/2013

I just got back from the grocery store, which is having one of its regular 10 for $10 promotions. I don’t know if the deals are worth getting as excited over as I do, but I do. So mathematical. So tidy. This time around it included avocados, artichokes, large bell peppers, and one pound boxes of strawberries. Ka-ching! I tried to buy ten pounds of strawberries but accidentally picked up organic ones, not regular ones on sale, so I (sadly) left them at the register. I was too tired to go get regular ones. Now I regret it. The tiny old Italian couple in line behind me, who were buying ten artichokes, also regretted it. They wanted to see ten pounds of strawberries walk out of the store for $10.

Dinner plans for the week:

chicken satay, rice noodles, cucumber salad
steaks, tabbouleh, veg
pork & cabbage stir fry
salmon, potatoes, chard
burgers, roast veg
kefte, tomato salad, tzatziki
freezer surprise

And the list this week, not including the surprise sale items:

green onions
burger buns
cottage cheese
cooking sherry
canned salmon
la croix
steak sauce

Weekly weigh-in 4/7/2013

Highest observed weight this week: I can’t remember
Lowest observed weight this week: 195.8
This morning’s weight: 195.8

Weekly overview: I started the week by floundering, not counting points or anything. Halfway through the week I found ChickenTuna’s blog and the weather warmed up. Combined, they inspired me to eat “simple” food for the last two days, and two pounds dropped off. I cancelled my Weight Watchers account and began to track my food with SparkPeople, not aiming for a specific caloric goal but out of curiosity.

Weaknesses this week: I didn’t start out well.

Strengths this week: I’ve decided to eat “simple” food, to eat to satisfaction, and to eat when I’m hungry. I think this is the only viable eating plan for me that might produce weight loss; in fact it has in the past. I also did an elliptical workout on Friday. The weather is gorgeous so I am busting ass in the garden this weekend.

Plans for next week: to keep eating plain foods. I’m feeling strengthened and energized by thinking about what I can eat rather than what I can’t. Oatmeal? Whole wheat bread? Brown rice? Vegetables? Fruit? Beans? Lean meat? Cottage cheese? Eggs? Nuts? I can live on that. I can stave off hunger with that. And with a lot of concentration, I can lose weight on that.

Weekly weigh in 3/24/2013

Week’s highest observed weight: 199.2
Week’s lowest observed weight: 196.6
This morning’s weight: 199.2

Weekly summary: I didn’t count points, and the hormonal bloating is still in full force. Midweek I saw 196.6 several times, but this morning it’s up to 199.2, dammit. I’ve got a head cold too. And it snowed last night.

Weekly criticism: I didn’t count points and I made a lot of poor choices. Pizza, waffles, too many meals without vegetables. Also too much sitting on the couch and too little of anything else. Also, too many caipirinhas.

Weekly praise: I made good choices at times they were hard to make. There was no McDonalds for my daughter and I this week (the happy meal toys aren’t interesting right now anyway…) and last night we had a family dinner at a pub grub kind of place, and there was nothing deep fried for me. I also made an effort to eat “more” fruit and vegetables.

Plans for the upcoming week: this bloating has got to stop. My jeans are uncomfortable and it’s making me feel gross and completely preoccupied. Oatmeal for breakfast every morning and more walks are about the only thing I can think of to do about it; I guess this is still hormonal fallout from the miscarriage and to some degree, it will pass in time. Also I must take it easy with the caipirinhas.

Grocery day 3/19/2013

My daughter and I got groceries a day early. I have an appointment to get (more) recall work done on my Toyota tomorrow morning. Also, we were running out of milk.

This week’s cooking plan:

fruit salad
preserved lemons
chicken pepper stir fry
pork cabbage stir fry
rotisserie chicken, orzo, broccoli
fish tacos
greek salad
catfish, green beans, spanish rice

The fruit salad is just a nice thing to have around, really great on yogurt. Preserved lemons are lemons cut into wedges and packed into a mason jar with salt, then left in the fridge for a month. The lemons turn savory and mellow and absolutely delicious. They are used in many Moroccan recipes. I guess other things are self-explanatory; I will talk more about the greek salad and fish tacos sometime. They’re two of my favorite meals.

The shopping list was thus:

2lb deli turkey
iceberg lettuce
green onions
ranch packets
corn tortillas
la croix
green beans
frozen white fish

A good 2/3s of it is produce, how about that? Well, I shouldn’t really take much credit. I organized the pantry this weekend and now I understand just how much pasta and rice and beans we already have. Also, that freezer full of meat. My husband asked for deli turkey and iceberg lettuce to make sandwiches with. The grocery store didn’t HAVE any iceberg lettuce though, can you believe it?

My daughter, who turned two last week (!!!), was game to try a spring of cilantro, which she liked, and a little deli turkey, which she didn’t. She wouldn’t eat her birthday cake or her birthday macaroni and cheese. The child is a mystery.

Weekly weigh in 3/17/2013

This morning’s weight: 197.8
This week’s highest observed weight: 199.6
This week’s lowest observed weight: 197.0

Weekly overview: last Sunday I was pregnant and on vacation in South Beach, having dinner at OLA, one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. On Wednesday night I began to have a miscarriage. That is ongoing, but seems to be tapering off. I had some serious bloat that is going away.

Weekly criticism: I’ve been eating and drinking whatever I want. Under the same circumstances, wouldn’t you?

Weekly praise: My tummy has been feeling weird enough that I’m not eating a LOT.

Plans for next week: tracking points again, I guess. I wish the weather would warm up so that walking would be pleasant.

Getting the hang of it

Yesterday was an okay day. I know that it takes me a few days to get back in the swing of WW, so I go easy on myself. Yesterday there was no cake, but I forgot to take advantage of fruit and vegetables to help fill me up. Still, I ended the day having eaten 35 points and earned 7, and that’s not bad at all. I’m already doing better today, so hooray. It is blustery and disgusting outside, but my daughter and I have a new stroller to try out (the Britax B-Agile, in red) so I think I’ll put her in her snowsuit and we’ll take a walk anyway. She keeps getting in it and crowing “fancy walk! Fancy walk!”

Tomorrow is grocery shopping day. I think I’ll do regular Wednesday posts about that. My list is mostly vegetables, fresh frozen and canned.

My husband recently had a health scare and had his blood pressure taken for the first time in two years, and it is getting high again, so he’s on board with whatever healthy eating plan I’m on board with. Five years ago he started to run and lost fifty pounds (!!!). He gained some back after we got married, then some more while I was pregnant. His weight is down a little bit since then, but he’s still twenty-five pounds heavier than his lightest weight and, like I said, he worries about his blood pressure–and cholesterol.

He lost most of the weight by running 5K three times a week and eating a boring diet. He would have a couple of lattes for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch, and chickpea curry with rice for dinner… almost every day. Sometimes he’d skip lunch. He lost about half of that weight just before we met and about half in the following year, leading up to our wedding. In our early months together, during the winter, we would meet at the gym after work every day and do the weights circuit then forty minutes on elliptical machines. How romantic ❤

I’ve never lost more than ten pounds during a weight loss campaign. I did it once when I was nineteen years old by spending an hour a day on the elliptical machine, eating small breakfasts and small lunches, and Indian curries for dinner (there’s those curries again, hmm). I lost the ten pounds very quickly, in less than three weeks. I went from 170 to 160.

The second time I lost ten pounds was my first go at Weight Watchers. I was twenty six years old then, and went from 180 to 170 in twelve weeks using the old Core plan, which allowed unlimited eating from a list of certain foods. At the end of that twelve weeks I was about to move states, buy a house, and start a new job… so I lost my focus and gained about five pounds back. I held steady at 175 until after I was married, then slowly creeped up to the low 180s.

I’m not counting the weight loss that followed pregnancy, because most of that isn’t to my credit. I weighed 238 the day I went into labor and 238 the day we brought our daughter home from the hospital (that’s what four liters of IV fluid will do for you). I plunged to 215 at two weeks postpartum, and was at 211 six weeks postpartum when I gave up pumping. Since then I’ve had several small weight loss campaigns, including Weight Watchers and  Slimming World. I’ve lost about five pounds each time and been as low as 191 pounds. This morning I was again 198… still hoping that the end of the week will drop to 195 because of vegetables and water and stuff. You know what I mean.