Grocery day 4/10/2013

I just got back from the grocery store, which is having one of its regular 10 for $10 promotions. I don’t know if the deals are worth getting as excited over as I do, but I do. So mathematical. So tidy. This time around it included avocados, artichokes, large bell peppers, and one pound boxes of strawberries. Ka-ching! I tried to buy ten pounds of strawberries but accidentally picked up organic ones, not regular ones on sale, so I (sadly) left them at the register. I was too tired to go get regular ones. Now I regret it. The tiny old Italian couple in line behind me, who were buying ten artichokes, also regretted it. They wanted to see ten pounds of strawberries walk out of the store for $10.

Dinner plans for the week:

chicken satay, rice noodles, cucumber salad
steaks, tabbouleh, veg
pork & cabbage stir fry
salmon, potatoes, chard
burgers, roast veg
kefte, tomato salad, tzatziki
freezer surprise

And the list this week, not including the surprise sale items:

green onions
burger buns
cottage cheese
cooking sherry
canned salmon
la croix
steak sauce


Grocery day 3/19/2013

My daughter and I got groceries a day early. I have an appointment to get (more) recall work done on my Toyota tomorrow morning. Also, we were running out of milk.

This week’s cooking plan:

fruit salad
preserved lemons
chicken pepper stir fry
pork cabbage stir fry
rotisserie chicken, orzo, broccoli
fish tacos
greek salad
catfish, green beans, spanish rice

The fruit salad is just a nice thing to have around, really great on yogurt. Preserved lemons are lemons cut into wedges and packed into a mason jar with salt, then left in the fridge for a month. The lemons turn savory and mellow and absolutely delicious. They are used in many Moroccan recipes. I guess other things are self-explanatory; I will talk more about the greek salad and fish tacos sometime. They’re two of my favorite meals.

The shopping list was thus:

2lb deli turkey
iceberg lettuce
green onions
ranch packets
corn tortillas
la croix
green beans
frozen white fish

A good 2/3s of it is produce, how about that? Well, I shouldn’t really take much credit. I organized the pantry this weekend and now I understand just how much pasta and rice and beans we already have. Also, that freezer full of meat. My husband asked for deli turkey and iceberg lettuce to make sandwiches with. The grocery store didn’t HAVE any iceberg lettuce though, can you believe it?

My daughter, who turned two last week (!!!), was game to try a spring of cilantro, which she liked, and a little deli turkey, which she didn’t. She wouldn’t eat her birthday cake or her birthday macaroni and cheese. The child is a mystery.

Grocery day 2/27/2013

It’s Wednesday again, so it’s grocery day again! Yesterday a possible ice and snow storm was moving in, so my daughter and I did a morning run to Sam’s Club to get a few basics stocked in case we got stuck in the house. We bought:

trout filets
frosted mini wheats
goldfish crackers
Torpedo IPA
rotisserie chicken
protein bars
chicken nuggets
farmer cheese
french bread

Then the storm pooped out and we’re left with nothing but a little slush. I don’t think the snow plows even came out. Oh well. Here is my dinner plan for this week:

trout, salad, potatoes
pork & cabbage stir fry
white chili
chicken enchiladas
greek chicken salad
freezer surprise

“Leftovers” and “freezer surprise” are pretty much the same thing, right? Food has been accumulating and we need to clear it out. First, though, those trout filets. I’m so excited. How should I fix them? Citrus glaze? Brown butter? Hmmmmmmm.

Grocery list:

knorr chicken powder
diced tomatoes x2
navy beans
diced chiles
burrito wrappers
kalamata olives

I’m excited about the Greek salad, too. I got the recipe from Cooking Light’s website and it sounds exactly like what I want to eat right now: crisp greens and cucumber and tomatoes, savory chunks of chicken and feta and olive, drizzled with creamy dressing and scooped up with piping hot flatbread. YUM.

I am not doing so well with the counting of PointsPlus this week, by the way. More on that this Sunday.

I am also not doing so well with the appearing to be pregnant this cycle. More later… probably from day 1 of cycle 12.

Grocery day 2/12/2013

Heyyyyyy, it’s Wednesday, that means it’s grocery day. My daughter goes to play school three mornings a week. I spend that time scrambling to do errands and housework. This morning I’m going to do the 30 Day Shred, tan, stop at the doctor’s to get access codes for my medical records so I can find out the results of a fertility-related test I had done two weeks ago that nobody has called me about, and buy groceries. If I’m very lucky I may after that still have an hour to try to pick up the house after the mass devastation that the toddler has wreaked in four days of being almost entirely indoors. I think her toy tea set is in five different rooms.

I am going for veggie-heavy meals, with a couple of meatless ones. I’ll eventually share recipes for everything that there exists a recipe to share.

Here’s this week’s dinner plan:

veggie curry
chicken broccoli stir fry
chicken, asparagus, sweet potato
chicken tortilla soup
sausage, cabbage, butter beans
mexican mess

When I do my “big grocery shop” every week I buy very little meat because we have a freezer in the garage where I keep a big stash. I always have a bag of frozen chicken breasts, a bag of frozen chicken wings, rolls of hamburger, a few other odd steaks and roasts, some kind of fish, and portions of sliced-up pork loin. I buy the chicken and pork and fish at big box stores, but we get our beef from a local producer. Happy grass-fed cows that have never been to a feed lot really do taste better, and in the years when we can manage to buy a half-of-a-half of an animal it ends up costing less than buying all the cuts separately.

I’m also buying deli stuff for my husband to make lunchtime sandwiches. There are usually enough dinner leftovers to pack a lunch with, but I think he’d prefer the variety and I’m beginning to think that dinner leftovers are generally better breakfasts than traditional breakfast food. I have more to say about that in later posts.

Our little girl is generally a skinny mini, and I buy certain foods specifically for her: lots of whole grain pasta, breakfast cereals, crackers, and cheese. We all end up grazing on that stuff, but it’s there for her.

And here is my shopping list:

deli turkey
deli cheese
sweet potatoes
smoked sausage
string cheese
green beans
chickpeas x2
canned tomatoes x4
black beans x4
butter beans
canned chilis
tortillas (fat free flour)
breakfast cereal
fizzy drinks
frozen peas
frozen okra
frozen peppers
rotisserie chicken