Skin care

From age 11 to age 31 my skin care routine had one goal: prevent zits. I evolved from Oxy 10 to various Neutrogena products and finally, at 27, landed on Proactiv and stayed there.

Last winter I was 31 years old and noticed lines in my forehead. Ouch. Time to do something, eh? I had jealously stalked around my mother at the Macy’s Clinique counter a couple of weeks earlier while she blew my baby-free shopping time on her expensive moisturizers, so naturally I gravitated to the Clinique counter myself the next time I had a baby-free shopping opportunity. Without much consultation I decided that I wanted eye cream and nighttime face cream, and went home with the Repairwear versions of both. I used them, at first often, then less and less often.

In October my husband got his annual bonus, and told me that half of it was mine and I had to have fun with it. He’s such a taskmaster, right? I spent part of it on a spa day and my first-ever facial. The girl who did it for me said “so your skin is a little on the dry side, right?” BWUH?!?!?! My skin? Dry? Heck no I’m a greasy grimy teenager and… and… oh. No. I’m 32 years old now. My skin is in fact not oily anymore. I haven’t had a really satisfying zit to pop in a decade. And the parts outside of my t-zone are apparently getting dry.

I went back to Macy’s and found out that my Repairwear products were both discontinued. I left the store with Laser Focus eye cream and Youth Surge Night face cream. Fair enough.

I had also been hearing about BB creams and wondered what they were, so I started to poke around. They sound pretty amazing, when you read about them. They act as foundation, or primer for foundation if you wish. They moisturize. They have SPF. They’re anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish, and anti-dark-spot. They were developed for people who were recovering from laser resurfacing, so they’re very gentle. What’s not to love?

Internet girlfriendz warned me that the American market had rushed to make new, branded versions available, and that the BB creams from familiar brands were mostly just tinted moisturizer with SPF. The original BB creams are the ones made for the Asian market, specifically Missha, which I guess is “the” original. Missha now has a website for the United States (MisshaUS), so I ordered myself a tube of Perfect Cover BB Cream in color 23 and got a free tube of color 21 for being a new customer.

It arrived, and it is pretty nice. It goes on like thick foundation, but you need very little. At first it looks grayish, but after a while it “disappears” into your skin, leaving it looking like a better version of itself. It covers up the lingering chloasma freckles on my nose and cheeks, and covers up the natural color in my cheeks enough that I’ve started wearing blush over it. Unlike many many products (including Clinique’s Even Better products), it doesn’t make me break out. I’ve been tanning with it on my face, and the SPF42 rating seems to be right, my face is indeed protected.

If you’re interested in trying Missha for yourself, I can tell you that the colors are pretty pale. I’m medium-fair skinned with brown hair and brown eyes. It’s February March in the midwest, so it’s been six months since I got any worthwhile sun (I hadn’t started tanning yet when I picked my color). I was sure #21 would be right for me, but it was too light. #23 is exactly the right color.

Hope this has been helpful!