Happy New Year

Well here I am again and Happy New Year to you.

I guess I last posted in August, when I was busy getting diagnosed with PCOS. I also had a hysteroscopy to address a possible cause of secondary infertility, in August, I remember.

Since then I have gotten pregnant again and lost it again, and this time it was another painful ordeal. I tried to take Metformin again and it made me unbearably sick again. I got a second opinion about the PCOS, and the second opinion was that I don’t appear to have it and have no earthly business taking Metformin. My husband and I decided to go on a TTC break, so I went back on the birth control pill. I joined a gym and have been going regularly. And starting a week ago, I am eating a mostly-Paleo diet.

Having just finished the first week, I am down 2.6 pounds from my starting weight and not feeling hungry, angry, deprived, or paranoid. I simply don’t miss grains, beans, or refined sugars. Not yet anyway, I realize that this may change over time. I am eating dark chocolate, because I have limits to what I’m willing to give up, and I am eating dairy though I find myself less and less enthusiastic about it, and yesterday only had a little milk with coffee and tea.

In the first two days I could tell that my body was running on lower octane fuel than it was used to. My stomach was also unhappy with me a lot, telling me that I should eat more, specifically some bread. And I did eat half a slice of bread, late at night on the first two nights, to make my stomach stop griping and let me sleep. I’ve been fine without it since then. Yesterday, day six, I simply didn’t feel hungry at all. This morning I have been feeling healthily hungry at appropriate times.

For what it’s worth, I didn’t think very hard about going Paleo, I just did it. I snagged Dana Carpender’s 500 Paleo Recipes as a Kindle Daily Deal, and read the beginning parts. I hard-boiled a bunch of eggs to keep around, made a batch of paleo-nola (nuts and coconut with coconut oil and honey), and found pork rinds at the grocery store. I bought more vegetables than usual. And that’s been that. Breakfast is bacon and eggs and fruit, or paleo-nola and yogurt (though I don’t feel like eating yogurt). Lunch and dinner are meat and vegetables. Snacks are fruit, crudite, hard boiled eggs with anchovies, pork rinds, or nut butter with the aforementioned fruit and crudite. I feel just fine about it.