More diagnoses

Hello everybody. I’ve been gone for a while, haven’t I. Well I’m back just for a quick post to update my sitch–

You know that we have had trouble conceiving #2. In May I saw an infertility doctor and last week I had a saline infusion ultrasound. It found a uterine polyp, which I am having surgically removed next week. It also found polycystic ovaries. Given my short luteal phase and tendency to put on weight, the doctor officialy diagnosed me with polycystic ovarian syndrome and put me on metformin and a low carb diet. So that’s where I am.

Not much more to say about it, really. “Low carb” is only moderately low carb, 100-130 grams carbohydrate per day. I am on my third day of metformin and feeling much better than yesterday, when I had a crazy bellyache in the night and felt run down all day. Metformin makes me thirsty so I’ve been careful to drink lots of fluid since I started feeling poorly yesterday.

What a miserable diagnosis. I’ve always kind of enjoyed talking about Hashimoto’s disease, but PCOS feels humiliating. HEY EVERYBODY I have a disease that makes me fat, spotty, furry, and bald. Great. Oh also my ovaries are full of marbles.

I was 14 when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, and had enough of a sense of humor to laugh about it. I am now 33 and just being diagnosed with PCOS. I feel nothing but grumpy.