Weekly weigh-in 4/7/2013

Highest observed weight this week: I can’t remember
Lowest observed weight this week: 195.8
This morning’s weight: 195.8

Weekly overview: I started the week by floundering, not counting points or anything. Halfway through the week I found ChickenTuna’s blog and the weather warmed up. Combined, they inspired me to eat “simple” food for the last two days, and two pounds dropped off. I cancelled my Weight Watchers account and began to track my food with SparkPeople, not aiming for a specific caloric goal but out of curiosity.

Weaknesses this week: I didn’t start out well.

Strengths this week: I’ve decided to eat “simple” food, to eat to satisfaction, and to eat when I’m hungry. I think this is the only viable eating plan for me that might produce weight loss; in fact it has in the past. I also did an elliptical workout on Friday. The weather is gorgeous so I am busting ass in the garden this weekend.

Plans for next week: to keep eating plain foods. I’m feeling strengthened and energized by thinking about what I can eat rather than what I can’t. Oatmeal? Whole wheat bread? Brown rice? Vegetables? Fruit? Beans? Lean meat? Cottage cheese? Eggs? Nuts? I can live on that. I can stave off hunger with that. And with a lot of concentration, I can lose weight on that.


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